Patawomeck Indian Tribe of Virginia

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Saturday September 9, 2017  10-3

Caledon State Park Village Set Up

Saturday September 23, 2017 9-12

Patawomeck FREE Flu Clinic

White Oak Fire Dept.

Saturday September 30, 2017 11-2:30

New Hope Methodist Church

Fall Festival Village Set Up

Sunday October 8, 2017 2pm.

Patawomeck Annual Meeting

Saturday November 4, 2017 9-3

Salem Church Library Village Set Up

Annual Patawomeck Craft Show

Saturday November 11, 2017 9-3

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Tribal Store

A selection of Publications & Handcrafts produced by Tribal Members
Use contact information listed with each product

1. A Brief Outline of Recorded History of the Patawomeck Indian Tribe. Contains some history back to 1300 A.D. through the great massacre of the tribe by the English in 1666. Patawomeck survivors and some of their descendants are discussed. Patawomeck descendants of Stafford/King George Co. represented by the families of Newton, Jett, Sullivan, Hudson, Roberson, Groves, Butler, Fines, Green, etc., are pictured in photos, some as early as the 1850s. $15.99

A larger version of this booklet, containing additional manuscripts of documentation by the current tribal historian, William L. Deyo, in regard to some of the lines of descent, is available at $24.99

2. The Monteith Family and the Potomac Indians. Royal ancestry of Thomas Monteith (1694-1747) of Scotland and Virginia and info on some of his descendants of Potomac/Patawomeck Indian blood & allied families. Some important inclusions are: (1) true ancestry of the Newtons of Stafford Co., (2) notes on Hansbrough family of Salubria & identification of Indian Pete Hansbrough, (3) identification of Indian John Redman of Loudoun Co., (4) names & distribution of some Nanzattico Indian children among certain families in 1705, (5) photos & portraits (including Scottish color portraits of the parents of Thomas Monteith), and info touching on many other Stafford & King George Co. families such as Anderson, Ashton, Axton, Bowen, Bryan(t), Butler, Cox, Curtis, Doniphan, Elkins, Finnall, Foley, Griffin/Griffith, Grigsby, Harrison, Hudson, Jones, Kenney, Meese, Martin, Owens, Quarles, Roberson, Rogers, Rowley, Waddington, Waugh, Watts, West, Williams, etc. ..$24.99

3. The Family and Ancestry of William Dabney (ca 1743-1779) of Virginia and His Two Wives, Jane Quarles and Anna Harris. A documented Virginia Dabney family with an analysis of the English connections of the families of Dabney, Harris, Overton, Waters, Peake, Herbert, Mallory, Quarles, Millett, and others. Royal ancestries of the families of Dabney, Harris, Overton, Mallory, and Quarles are given. Never before published ancestry of the English Overton family is provided, as well as the answer to the mystery of the Harris/Claiborne connection. Contains illustrations/photos (some color) of funeral monuments, portraits, churches, etc. ..$15.99

4. King George County, Virginia, 1800 Census.

Lost 1800 Census has been discovered and is now available (softbound). ..$18.95

5. Porch Family, the Forgotten Legacy of White Oak, Stafford County, Virginia. Descendants of Richard Porch (16??-1750), the Grandfather of White Oak, including families of Bates, Berry, Brown, Burton, Chinn, Cox, Curtis, Fines, Jett, Kitchen, Limerick, McGuire, Payne, Roberson, Rollow, Sullivan, etc. ...$15.99

6. The Sullivan Family of Stafford County, Virginia. The family and some of the descendants of Darby Sullivan (1722-1800) of King George/Stafford Co., containing notes on his probable parents and grandparents and important discoveries on the ancestry of his wife, Ann Fugate, daughter of Josias Fugate. Connections to the Sullivans of Spotsylvania, Orange, & Albemarle Counties, with notes on the connection of the wife of Francis Sullivan of Spotsylvania to the family of Maj. William Newton. $14.99

All booklets have been compiled by William L. Deyo and are shipped postpaid from:

DeJoux Publications, P. O. Box 1826, Dahlgren, VA 22448



T-Shirts & Hats


T -Shirts and Hats are available for purchase.

T-Shirts come in Yellow or Tan and cost:
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Hats come in Tan or Black and cost $20.

S/H is $10

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Patawomeck Indian Tribe of Virginia
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