Patawomeck Indian Tribe of Virginia

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Bethel Baptist Church

1193 White Oak Road

Fredericksburg, Va. 22405


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September 13

October 18

November 8



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Chief Charles "Bootsie" Bullock

215 Chapel Green Road
Fredericksburg, VA 22405
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Price Jett

38 Dove Lane

Fredericksburg, VA 22405



Patricia Reedy
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PO Box 7665
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Administrative Asst. to Tribal Council

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1416 Brent Street
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Past Events

One of the ways that the Patawomeck Indian Tribe is keeping the TRIBAL HERITAGE ALIVE is through the making of Dugout canoes. In 2006 Tribal member, Buddy White Cloud Jett, crafted two dugouts from an enormous 90 ft. poplar tree taken down by a great wind on Medicine Wheel Hill. He named them "KAOKEE" for the daughter of Pocahontas and Patawomeck warrior, Kocoum... and "ONTONAH" for the Patawomeck Indian girl orphaned by the war of 1666 at the "BATTLE OF BULL'S BLUFF" when the English Governor of Virginia ordered the Colonial Militia to "exterminate all Indians within reach" and declared war on the Patawomecks "to their utter destruction" with Patawomeck women and children to be "sold into servitude".
Many of our Tribal members descend from the blood lines of Kaokee and Ontonah, who survived this tragic massacre of our People, and these two dugouts canoes are named to SHOW HONOR to these two Patawomeck Indian ancestors You can see our 17 foot Patawomeck dugout, "KAOKEE", in action on her Maiden Voyage on the Rappahannock River (Fredericksburg June Faire Festival) by clicking on the photo above.
Both, Kaokee and our 31 foot long "Ontonah" dugout have been among our Tribal focal points at several events where weve set up our 1600's era PATAWOMECK TRIBAL VILLAGE. In 2007, Gordon Silver and Buddy Jett paddled "KAOKEE" out to greet the "JOHN SMITH SHALLOP" (Historic Replica Ship) when it arrived in port at Fredericksburg on it's historic voyage to commemorate the "400 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF JAMESTOWN They paddled two circles around the shallop as it was approaching the dock - a tribute to Kaokee's speed and agility.



In August 2014 members of the Patawomeck Tribe helped Stafford County with the making of a video history of Stafford County called "Our American History". This video went to be judged in Houston, Texas, airing with videos from all over the country. "Our American History" was voted #1!




Stafford Discovery Days
A village of history, live entertainment on two stages, fun craft and food vendors and pontoon rides were held to celebrate the arrival of Jamestowns replica sailing ship, the historic Godspeed, in Stafford, on August 19-20, 2006 for the Discovery Days Festival.



Living History Village
Long house, dug-out canoes, corn grinding, flint napping, eel pots, hide tanning, and much more were displayed at the White Oak Civil War Museum, May 16, 2009



Tribal Awards & Recognitions

Stafford County 2008 Historic Preservation Award

Given by the Stafford County Historic Commission on 19 May 2009 for the Patawomecks efforts to revive our native language and preserve our culture for future generations of native peoples in Stafford County.

Lesser Chief Gary Cooke and Language Class Instructor Becky Guy accepted the award and the plaque can be seen in the Indian display case at the White Oak Civil War Museum.