Patawomeck Indian Tribe of Virginia

Upcoming Events


Sunday January 14, 2018  2pm.

Sunday April 8, 2018  2pm.

Sunday July 8, 2018  2pm.

Annual Meeting

Sunday October 14, 2018  2pm.

All meetings are held at:

Bethel Baptist Church

1193 White Oak Road

Fredericksburg, Va. 22405


 Ferry Farm

July 4th 2018   11-5


Library (downtown)

August 11, 2018   9-3

1201 Carline Street

Fredericksburg, Va. 22401


Caledon State Park

Saturday September 8, 2108   10-3


New Hope Methodist Church

Fall Festival

Saturday Sept. 29, 2019 10  -2:30


Porter Library

Stafford Va.

Saturday Nov. 3, 2018   9-3


Patawomeck Craft Show

Saturday Nov. 10, 2018   9-3

Bethel Baptist Church

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Chief John Lightner

1416 Brent Street
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
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Patricia Reedy
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PO Box 7665
Fredericksburg, VA 22404


Administrative Asst. to Tribal Council

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1416 Brent Street
Fredericksburg, VA 22401



We welcome all people of legally documentable Patawomeck Indian lineage who are dedicated to reviving and keeping alive the heritage of our ancestors to become active members of the Patawomeck Tribe if they meet the requirements listed below.


-In order to qualify for tribal membership, your Patawomeck family lineage must be documented. This is a step you must complete, to the best of your abilities, before requesting membership. The Tribe does not have the time or resources to complete the genealogy for every applicant. We do have access to various vital records of local families, (i.e. Newton, Monteith, Green, Sullivan, etc...)and may be able to fill in gaps during the application review process but the burden of genealogical proof lies with you, the applicant.

  • Your family must be listed on the 1860 census of the White Oak area of Stafford County or closely surrounding area (such as the city of Fredericksburg or Pasapatanzy in King George
  • Your family must have interacted with the White Oak or closely surrounding area in the 20th century.



Application Form

***Each Individual must complete a separate application.*** We do not extend Group/Family Memberships***


1. Gather copies of the following documents.


Please do not send the original documents! We may not be able to return them to you.



  • Certified birth certificate for each individual applying for membership
  • A 6 generation copy of your family tree, including siblings for each family group
  • Pertinent marriage certificates and death certificates
  • Any other copies of documents that may be necessary for documentation purposes: Family Bible pages,   Church Records, etc..


2. Request an application from the Membership Coordinator for each individual via email or by writing to the address below: